About iMe


iMe’s mission is to encourage individuals to erase doubt, and be inspired to love and believe in themselves and win, regardless of circumstances, status, size, shape, color or gender.  Thus the mantra, “I Mean Everything”.

Our goal is to inspire self-love and self-empowerment by improving financial, mental and physical health and make an impact on the community.

Why We Exist

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iMe’s first campaign is “Queen”. 

A movement aimed at removing barriers and gender biases across the globe, improving the lives and well-being of those who identify as women.

Our ambition is to close the gender gap and remove social and systemic barriers that prevent women from reaching equitable status by providing tools and resources that accelerate the progress towards equality of ALL women.

Step one will be iMe reaching out to organizations and philanthropists for their pledge to earmark financial resources that support women initiatives, leadership opportunities, and empowerment across various spectrums.

Step two will engage the power of people and communities. Diverse communities are what help the world to thrive, and together we can do extraordinary things. The combined network of global organizations & people will create the synergy and resources necessary to change the stereotypical perception of women, and position women to make an impact on society.

Queen is an iMe movement that starts today, with an agenda that never ends.

Stay tuned and get involved…

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Are you…Will you?

an artist (CREATE)

Calling all artist and content creators to use their gifts and talents to help us spread our message of LOVE.
Join us…

a non-profit (COLLABORATE)

Our goal is to partner with purposeful organizations that are already making an impact locally and globally. We would like to share our Billions4LOVE platform with you, and more.

a giver (DONATE)

Help by financially supporting us with a one-time gift, a monthly gift and or by purchasing IME products.

an educator (FACILITATE)

If you are a teacher, or work in education, we would like to engage your expertise. Work with us to develop programs and curriculums that help students develop their untapped potential, unlock self-identity and inspire independent thinking.

a small business (PARTICIPATE)

We are looking to engage with small businesses to help foster local economic development. Let’s listen together and respond to community feedback then create the agenda for change..

a corporation (ADVOCATE)

Are you a major corporation willing to be involved with us to create campaigns and opportunities that support global causes such as eradicating disease, world hunger or racial/gender inequality? Your influence along with our vision can create powerful freedoms.

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