Why We Exist

As a global impact marketing agency, we believe that advertising plays an important role and impacts how individuals see and feel about themselves. And perhaps even more important, how these consumers relate and connect with brands. For years credible research has shown that consumers will favor and buy goods from organizations that speak their language or share in their core values and beliefs.

iMe’s purpose is to bridge the gap between brands that need to communicate with the consumers they have now and desire to maintain, as well as the new prospects they hope to acquire. iMe’s message of self-love and empowerment provides a multidimensional opportunity related to diversity and inclusion that connects brands with today’s audience, the consumer.

Our campaigns and marketing approach encourage non gender bias and connect with various age groups across diverse spectrums of life.

Our interest is to partner with established media companies and brands (or individuals) that desire to make a positive impact on humankind using the I Mean Everything imprint.


Why Connect

As an iMe member or partner, you have the freedom to use our tools, brand voice, logo, etc. to market your products, services or events.

In addition, iMe can be engaged to customize campaigns specific to an individual niche project, or provide the tools and synergy to impact a global organization’s employee retention, and new client acquisition.

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